Making Your Home Smart on A Budget

Smart homes are undoubtedly the future. However, like any other ground-breaking technology trend, early adopters of smart home tech have to face eye-wateringly high prices. Gadgets that can secure your home and make life more convenient are too often out of the average household’s budget.

Here’s how you can convert your house into a dwelling space from the future without breaking the bank:

Start with the most crucial problems

The best way to slash the expense of converting your old house into a smart home is to focus on the essentials. Rather than going for the coolest or fanciest gadget, you should focus on security systems, alarm systems, and fire detectors first. Protecting your family, monitoring your dog while you’re away, or conserving energy are generally a lot more important than mood lighting in the bathroom

Do your research

Once you’ve figured out all the bottlenecks and problems you want to address most urgently, look around for the most affordable solution. Compare all the popular gadgets with their cheaper alternatives to see if you can get a better deal. The GE C-Life LED light, for example, is $57 cheaper than the Phillips Hue. The Ecobee 3 Lite saves you $80 against the more popular Nest thermostat. Ikea has a whole collection of affordable smart home gear. Shop around for the best deal and you’ll probably be surprised by the amount of money you can save on this sort of tech.

Build a smart home over time

You don’t need to revamp your entire house. Start with the basics and then build over time. Work your way up from security tech and energy efficiency to lighting and streaming services. By solving each problem individually, you’ll save yourself from wasting money on things you don’t need.

Connect it all up

What’s the point of a smart home that can’t be easily controlled? If you pick too many gadgets from different manufacturers, you’ll have to deal with extra steps and fragmented platforms to control minor elements of your house. No one wants to switch from app to app just to be able to get the front door open. Thankfully, there are smart home kits that can help you merge all your devices together and create a cohesive experience. Try Wink ($99) or Samsung’s Connect Home ($170) to hook up all of your smart home tech.

Add clever features

You can start adding bells and whistles once you’ve covered all the basics. You don’t need a voice command platform like Google Home to make your home truly smart, but it’s a cool feature that everyone loves using. If you have money to spare after the revamp, treat your family to an entertaining piece of technology from the future.

By starting with the basics and shopping around for the best deal, you can convert your house into a smart home without blowing your budget

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