Huawei Watch Jewel and Elegant for women

Huawei Watch Jewel

In an odd move, Huawei launched two dedicated Huawei Watch variants for women at CES 2016 – the Jewel and the Elegant.

The Huawei Watch Jewel features 68, 1.5mm Swarovski crystals round its face, but if that’s a bit too flash for your tastes then the Elegant is Huawei’s more understated offering with a knurled pattern around its circumference.

Both watches boast rose gold-plated, 316L cold-forged stainless steel bodies, as well as 10 new watch faces with “exclusive feminine designs.” Hmm.

Other than the aesthetics, the specs of the new feminine Huawei Watches are the same as the original they’re based on. That means they’re just a big, and for the more slender of wrists they do look a bit silly. It’s as if Huawei hasn’t totally thought these through.

There is a kicker though, as the speaker has been enabled in the Jewel and Elegant allowing you to make and receive calls on your wrist.

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