Nature Based Solutions for Clean Water

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A home or business that doesn’t get its water from the municipal water company most likely uses a well that the owner is wholly responsible for. This means that the owner pays for drilling the well in the first place and must maintain it to keep the water clean. This can be done with the help of a well water treatment company such as Updike Water Well Drillers.

Finding Contaminants in Well Water

It’s inevitable that well water is going to have contaminants, though not all of them are dangerous. Indeed, dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium are good for a person’s health, even if they’re not very good for plumbing pipes and water-dependent appliances. One way to find out at least some of the contaminants in well water is to have a private report drawn up by a lab recommended by the homeowner’s state health department.

Keeping Well Water Clean

There are several water treatment systems an owner can use to remove pathogens and bacteria from their well water. One type of treatment is called shocking, which uses a special type of chlorine.

To disinfect the well, the professional adds the chlorine in the right concentration and allows it to circulate through the well and the plumbing. The owner can actually smell the chlorine at every plumbing fixture while this happens. The chlorine remains in the system until the pathogens are killed then it is flushed out.

When Should the Well be Shocked?

The well should be shocked right after it’s constructed, if it shows signs of damage such as cracks in the well cap and right after it is serviced. It’s also a good idea to have a well inspected once a year by a professional and more frequently if the owner suspects that something isn’t right. This could be everything from the pump cycling on and off too often to members of the household coming down with gastrointestinal problems from pathogens in the water.


Keeping a well running properly and keeping well water clean is not particularly difficult or expensive. With proper maintenance, a private well can keep delivering fresh, clean water for decades.

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