Scientists have made a very effective software platform for inspecting images. This lateral flow test software can be installed in several ways and is compatible with a broad range of hardware platforms, as well as utilizing numerous infrastructures. This software has a prescribed set of simple and complicated algorithms, which identify images and execute all the calculations necessary for producing the final results. Additionally, this software comprises all required image drivers, which allows common “read/result” rules. This new lateral flow software is capable of analysing and detects lateral flow devices by using the blend of quantitative and qualitative assays. Report descriptions, printouts and a compelling database of results are all facilitated by this software. The adaptability of this innovative lateral flow software carries out rapid results and tests easily and rapidly to be adapted, providing quick time to market.

The lateral flow test software generally involves three things:-

         Software platform

         Unique barcode

         Program key

The latest lateral reader software is very useful for providing a lot of favourable circumstances for customization of the user interface and of the program. This software program is created up in such a way for easy adjustment of customized branding easily. The newly designed software services fulfil all the lateral flow technology demands.
Scientists and innovators have done FDA-approved testing of the lateral flow readers for compatibility and easy to use, practitioners can run it quickly and is less expensive. The software is more precise producing non-subjective lab test results.
The new lateral flow software makes use of patented image detection algorithm that facilitates line recognition, analysis, and quantification that is proportionate to conclusions drawn from gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The software easily captures images of the introduced lateral flow test device and detects the absence and presence of specific device index and indicators for each analysis in order to create quantitative and qualitative results. The software algorithm also verifies the presence or absence of line controls and confirming their validity and other equipment attributes.

Then newly developed diagnostic lateral test reader provides one result a day or carries out hundreds of samples. It can be easily adapted with different equipment and hardware’s to easily capture images with the accurate footprints for any lateral flow and volume testing.

This software is quantifiable, easy to use and generic lateral flow platform easily designed for better user interface and to speed-up the development of rapid assays. No particular antibodies are left immobilized on the strip, making the test labelling patterns systems much easier and flexible. This software is compatible with all the drivers and hardware. If your assay needs a digital software to read,

The scientis who developed this software are extensive providers of high-quality software reader programs and assay integration platforms and services. They firmly evaluated and has contributed with major suppliers of good quality lateral flow test software and assay readers in the market.  In addition, they have several years of experience in dealing with lateral flow readers and software that can easily handle all assays and provide the accurate results easily.


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