When is the Best Time to Buy Firewood?

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You should be thanking your start for the existence and growth of firewood as it is an important element that keeps you warm in the freezing temperatures. Firewood is used in households, campfire or fire pit, etc. It is a source of the natural warm blanket that embraces when we are frostbitten. However, the knowledge of the aptness of buying or storing firewood is extremely important. Wondering when is the perfect time to buy firewood? Here is the answer:

When the wood is freshly cut and is full of sap, it is known as ‘green’ wood. Green wood has a high moisture content and therefore it cannot be burned. Burning the wood is possible only after the moisture is completely dry, which ensures easy burning. Firewood needs 10 months of cutting, splitting and piling before it can be used for the purpose of burning. If the wood does not dry properly, it tends to be overly smoky. For this reason, ‘seasoning’ of firewood is necessary. ‘Seasoning’ includes drying and evaporation of the sap completely. The firewood should be seasoned for 6 months to dry the moisture content up to 20%.

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The best time to buy firewood is the beginning of Spring, this ensures that your wood is ready for use in the month of October. Seasoning can be done by allowing the wood to dry in the sun or wind. While stacking, the firewood should be arranged in a crisscross manner so that it receives adequate air flow. After seasoning, make sure you store the seasoned firewood in a woodshed or keep it covered with a tarp. To ensure that the wood has dried, look for the cracks in the end grain.

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If you are planning to directly buy seasoned firewood, buy it one month in advance so that you time to store it and pile it to assure the remaining moisture dries before it is used for burning. Coming back to “When is the best time to buy firewood?”, make sure you buy it as early as possible so that you can season it, or if it is already seasoned, you give it enough time to dry completely, so that it burns well.

It is essential to buy firewood in early Spring because firewood takes at least 6 months to season, it also kills the insects and the cost of firewood in Spring is low.

So now you know when you should be buying your firewood? With this guide, not only you have knowledge of the best-catch, but also be sure of it burning well.

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