Education tips for families on the move

These days, it is not uncommon for families to move around the planet for a number of reasons. From military postings to family reasons, you may be looking at moving soon. One common thing for any family on the move to think about is the education that their children will be receiving in their new home abroad.

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Naturally, the education your children receive is vital, as it not only gives them the qualifications to embark on their chosen career but also contributes to their personal development, allowing them to succeed in life. With this in mind, the choices you make around their education now must be made with great care.

Top tips for educating your family abroad

If you are making the move to a new place and need some tips on how to sort out your child’s education, the below should help.

Use an international school

Out of all the schooling options for your children when abroad, international schools are often the best bet. These give your children a secure and safe place to settle into their new lives with other expat children. They also give them exposure to local children and a diverse mix of cultures. When you add in the high standard of academic achievement, nurturing environment and an internationally recognized qualification upon graduation, you can see why these schools are so popular. Asia is a particular hotspot for international schooling, and there are many such schools in Hong Kong if you are planning on making this location your new home.

Apply early

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to submit your school application until you arrive in your new location. It is best to apply early once you have made your decision so that you can be sure your child has a spot during enrollment. It is unreasonable to expect to turn up the day before term and demand a place to be reserved for your child. The application process can start many months in advance, so make sure you are on top of this and don’t miss any deadlines.

Do your research

Before you apply, it is important to first conduct thorough research into the particular school you are considering. What is the curriculum like? How far is it from your new home? What after-school clubs or sports teams are there? You’ll need to answer these questions and more before you apply for a school and enroll your child.

Involve your child in the process

Another great tip is to involve your children in the whole process. Show them the options you are thinking of and get their feedback on which school they like best. They will not enjoy it or perform to their maximum if you send them somewhere they don’t like, so it really is best to get them involved from the beginning.

Education abroad is not hard

When you are moving abroad with your family, there are lots of things that need to be taken care of. Sorting out where your child will be educated is certainly one of the most important considerations during your move and should be high on your to-do-list. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your decision and make the necessary arrangements to make it all plain sailing.

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