Top 6 Tips for Good Auto Repair Service

Our cars are our investments and sometimes our lifeline’s as well. Any problem with our car, makes us worried about the investment we have put in to the car. Moreover, it can be a difficult task to find a good auto repair service nowadays. In this article, we will clue you in to ten tips that I might actually help you in finding a good auto repair service. It will also avoid you from cunning dealership stores, where you might end up paying more than is intended.

Memorize Your Owner’s Manual

Many experts explain the owner’s manual as a car bible and for true reasons. Most of us, ignore the manual as a fat book, which is just printed for the sake of printing. But it’s actually not. Knowing your owner’s manual would mean that you can identify the cause of trouble with your car. Sometimes, knowing your car manual can also save you a trip to the repair service garage, since, you might acknowledge that the malfunction in the car is just caused by wrong functioning of the car.
Not only that, but knowing your owner’s manual would mean that you not only know the make and model of the car, but also the engine size and configuration, information about transmission etc.

Independent Garage vs Dealership Service

If someone has to judge between the above two, it would be a dealership service hands down, because of the simple fact that the technician at a dealership service is better experienced in handling the problems. Since, they are trained and are certified, they will obviously have a better understanding about the car. There are also constant trainings for the technicians at a dealership service.
But at the same time, it is not necessary that the independent garages haven’t got experienced technicians. Some have got some pretty experienced technicians, who might outgo a technician of a dealership as well.


When you are going to an auto repair service, always have your vehicle record and Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) handy. In fact, also keep your maintenance record with you, with which the mechanic can get an idea of the previous repairs of the automobile.

Trained for Specific Vehicle?

In the modern day, automobiles are very complex, and they vary a lot from model to model. Therefore, it is important to check that if the technician who will be repairing your car, is trained for your vehicle or not. Because, if he’s not, he might be not be able to fix your car in the easiest way possible.


Check that if the mechanic taking car of your car has a A.S.E Certification or not. Having an A.S.E Certification would mean that the mechanic has gone through a rigorous course on auto repair and, after passing a written test, has attained that certification. Having an A.S.E certification would also mean that, the mechanic is an expert and can designate issues better than other normal mechanics.

Ask Questions

When you go to an auto repair service, don’t stop if you have a question. You are paying them to repair your car, and hence, you are liable to ask a lot of questions. If you feel that they are not confident enough in answering your question, or somehow dodging your question, it’s always better to avoid that auto repair service.

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